Environment / Wildlife cause project : How to introduce it ? Who wants to be in

Hello Nooners,

I’ll be totally transparent on this : I’m building, actively, a new NFT collection since 3 months now, based on AI art.
The goal of this collection is to give 50% of our earnings to Sea Shepherd foundation, or any foundation having the same goal. (I mean; protect wildlife/planet)

We are two in this team : Me as graphic designer, and a developer for the contract / website.
Everything goes fine, but we stuck on one thing : we need more visibility to make our community grow.

Someone suggested me to join DAO’s, but it seems that it’s hard to get in, as it looks like “closed communities”. I like the Noons here because you have this forum where I can talk.

The project I’m talking about is this one :

Here you can find the twitter : https://twitter.com/WorldOfMythesda. Also you can find the discord on the website/twitter page.

What I’m looking in here ?
Some -serious- advices on how making our great project more visible. I think, without pretension, that we deserve it : Our goal is to grab money from the speculative NFTs trades, to something which make sense : protect our planet and its wildlife.

I would love to hear what Noons community can say about this.
Thanks a lot,