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Hello Nouners,

I am Dan, the founder and CEO of “Social House,” a private members club and hospitality provider that operates in Web3. I am eager to understand the difficulties you may be facing and see how I can assist. I would appreciate your input so that I can create a more customized proposal.

Here are a few suggestions I have thought of:

  • NFT.NYC, Proof Conference, and NFT Miami Hotels at Reduced Prices
  • Complimentary Access to Afterparties
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Joint Ventures and Collaborations

Our pitch deck is available for your review here:
Social House Forwarding Deck - Google Slides

Best regards,

Dan Cantando
Founder & CEO | Social House

Contact Information:

Please drop your feedback below. Thank you

Hey Dan,

Love the project. If you are interested in expanding the hotel/clubs involved I may be able to help. LMK if that is of interest.


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For sure. Shoot me an email at and let’s chat.