, does it work for voting?

Does work with nouns dao voting?

I haven’t looked into it deeply, but at the minimum for it to work we’d have to upgrade de governance contract to implement the interface.

Thanks for the quick reply! Really hope that it would b implemented to keep our cold wallets safe :grinning:

You can hold the noun in your cold wallet and delegate to a hot wallet for voting using the nouns interface natively.

:scream:i totally forgot about this. sorry for the thread lol

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All good! It will be helpful for people reading up on discourse to learn about nouns.

Still cool to think about being able to receive a Noun in your cold wallet and not even having to sign a transaction on to delegate to your delegate wallet. Just use a wallet that had been delegated to in instead.

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Yeah I have to agree. Could make for secure setup with a bid wallet, then send noun to your cold which auto delegates to your hot voter wallet.


I was wishing to be able to do something like this when I got mine.

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