Context Discord Bot has a new Discord bot that tracks all of the activity from NFT collections across multiple marketplaces (OpenSea, Zora, Foundation, Folia, LooksRare …). It’d be fun to have this activity stream in Nouns Discord.

  1. Add the Context bot to Nouns Discord
  1. Create a Channel category and Channels like this:

  2. In #nouns subscribe to:

  3. In #nouniverse subscribe to Nounish collections. As a start, these ones currently work with the bot:

  4. Do some fancy channel permission stuff [waves hands around]


This is up and running in a test server.

#nouns (currently only capturing secondary sales, working on this)

#nouniverse (manually added as many nounish collections as I could)

#nounders (added the main public address I could find for each Nounder)

[ no picture included :wink: ]

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