Collaborate with large entities outside of web3.0/NFT. (Brainstorming)

What do you think about entering into partnerships with large entities? How do you view entering into collaborations/cooperations with companies from the non web.3/NFT world?
E.g. I think that nouns would be able to use its position in the NFT/web 3. world to proliferate companies from outside this circle, in exchange for cooperating with them in the real world, thus expanding its proliferation and the influx of more potential future buyers of nouns.

Would it make sense to go outside the scheme in this way?

I invite all community members to discuss. Always when brainstorming, you can come to interesting conclusions.


Isn’t that what Nouns did with brands like Madhappy?

I work with multiple large brands, world renowned artists and studios and have been trying to onboard them to NOUNs. There has been a lot of interest and also a lot of push back. It is a very delicate dance that needs some proper planning and tools. We definitely need a full pod to build the tools and for onboarding those types of partners.

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This is also a good way to go.
Especially if, in the future, such companies would pay a portion of the revenue to the treasury from the profit earned. On the other hand, I was referring here to larger entities that are unlikely to report to the DAO themselves that they will perform some service for nouns (For reasons that they are such large companies that they don’t have to). We are talking about such large companies, which often have a global footprint. And so, for example, nouns could provide some service in web3 for such companies that want to carve out a piece of the pie in the web3/NFT space in the future, but don’t know how yet because they have no idea how to adapt it. ( How to adapt their business profile under web3/NFT)
Such a service (to start with) could be at least marketing. And let me point out right away, I don’t mean that such big companies should sponsor nouns.

That’s great. Can you know what industries specifically these brands are in? And what problems have you encountered? What was the reason for the pushback?

entertainment, Fast food. Licensing , footwear and toys. I have a bunch of information but it is all too much to just type and needs a formal discussion

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I ask because you have to start somewhere. For a good start, informally, hence the topic as a free discussion, where everyone has the opportunity to share their thoughts. I think to break the reluctance of large companies to work together with nouns, it is necessary to create an adaptation for them to web3. Hence my question to you referred to what was the reason for the reluctance to enter into cooperation with nouns.
By the way, I was very curious about fast food in particular. Does this company have a large number of locations?

Based on what I have seen over the past year the bigger brands. and big name artists will not come here with a proposal. some may come to look around kick some tires through a research assistant or an intern and not go through the prop process, It is too complex and risky for busy people. I think that if there was a pod created specifically to put pitches and presentations to headhunt worthwhile collaborators and present them with relevant projects that they can get behind and be rewarded for. spamming MR Beast on socials with “work with nouns will give you 250K” is not an actionable ask. Putting a proposal together that outlines a creative activation for him to take part in and covering the costs and fees is better, it would give a potential partner a clear idea of what to do . It is the same with any other big brand or potential partner. If we wish to work with someone we need to approach them with a reason why they should. “we have a 40Mil treasury to spend on stuff” is not going to attract the best people in my opinion

Of course it is. I agree 100%
I’ve been thinking myself about what such a headhunting process for nouns could look like, and what could be offered to valuable artists/managers in exchange for their work. Here, too, for a good start, one could start by determining who to date, in the community what capabilities and what they can acquire for nouns.

As for acquiring large companies, here the matter is not obvious. Because we can try to look for partnerships, but they must also give a tangible benefit to the partners and not just the nouns. Ideally, it should be web3 participation. Here, as I mentioned, adaptation is needed for their businesses in web3.

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Do you have any relevant background to act on any of these ideas? I believe this is a thing that needs to be opened up in a discord work channel with group conversations and not just typing here which gets lost in the Shuffle.

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I have a suggestion, which I will soon propose here. Why I say it. It seems to me that it can show an interesting path that nouns can follow. At the same time, it presupposes precisely in the long run to obtain cooperation with large entities, while distributing and selling the product, where part of the funds would go to the treasury. Of course, if the proposal is to the liking of the community and there is a will on the part of the DAO to vote FOR.
That’s why I set up this topic, to raise these issues, to see what people think, but other than you, so far a weak response from others.

As for the channel on discord. As much as possible, there should be one, where you could invite people from different industries, in order to work out the possibilities.

Proposals and Ideas are great and always welcome. You do have to be able to show that you have the understanding of the industry you are proposing for and hav connections or means to execute your vision. If you do not have those it will be hard to get funding to just blindly explore an idea no matter how good it may be. You may want to start small with a small grants prop first to test the waters.

I have been thinking about how my company could work with Nouns for sometime now. We aren’t F500 but work with a good amount of them. I am a big fan of the Nouns and I’d like to contribute and see if partnership synergies could work.

Unsure if it’s common practice on here but I would be open to tossing around ideas on a call in the next few weeks. If you or anyone thinking along these lines would be open let me know.

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Please hit me up here or on Discord to start a convo. We have many opportunities that definitly need some expert eyeballs

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Sent you a friend request on Discord. Happy to hash it out if theres a channel in nouns that is preferred.

meetings all day will hit you later

thank you

whats your background, just for some clarity

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I strongly advise against racing towards big brands this early.

What do you propose then? Maybe you have some interesting solutions. It will be nice if you share.

all here:

To me it’s not about building a brand based on partnerships with big brands, pushing your product there. And as far as I can see that’s what your article is about.
Only to use them to create their big brand based on cooperation. Those are two different paths. The former for nouns, strongly weakens the position, the latter is desirable. I also can’t imagine collaboration forced by the moment. That is, nouns are on a roll then they enter into deals with big brands. It is known how this will end, nouns will be abandoned.
What is needed for nouns is a path like the one taken by Rimac, entering into a JV with Bugatti (VAG).
I think that just as Rimac as a black horse of the automotive market can teach Bugatti a lot, Bugatti can give Rimac a lot.
Nouns may still be small , but in web3 it can be Rimac. Be it already is.