Build an engaging touchpoint for onboarding explorers of Om into Nouns

I created a home for LilNounsDAO ( in Om.

I think that it can act as a touchpoint for explorers of the OM metaverse to dive into the nouns ecosystem. I’d like to request 3-5 eth for this work. I am a LilNounsDAO builder and would be submitting to nounsdao using our pipeline. This would be the first proposal that I would bring to NounsDAO and I really just want to start the conversation with NounsDAO. I think this can be a fun way to start building for Nouns and I’d like to just start the conversation with NounsDAO to see if this is something you’d be interested in/get feedback on the idea.

I started this project as a prop house proposal and built it specifically for lilnounsdao. I want to expand on my initial build by making it an engaging touchpoint where users can learn about the noun ecosystem in a fun way.

Expand and refine the current build by making it a place for explorers to have a way of learning about the Noun ecosystem.

As users move throughout the 3D world, they will be able to visually understand the noun ecosystem. Moving from one area of the world to another will put them in a setting that is either specific to nounsdao or noun subdao ecosystems. Positioned throughout the world will be signs that describe noun activities (such as fomonouns, nouncil, prop house).

Additions to the Om:

  • Sculptures of nouns/lil nouns/food nouns/gnars nouns/public nouns/lost nouns characters throughout the world.
  • Improve texture mapping and baking materials to improve how lighting falls on surfaces.
  • Expand on the current build by adding in more noun assets making the world larger and a better place to explore.