Big Dreamer Introduction

Good morning and evening to everyone who’ll read it :man_mage:

I’m Antón

I want to introduce myself and share my story
Later I want to write my Startups descriptions and listen to constructive criticism if possible :))

I’m 24, I was born in small town (40k) in Belarus and moved to US by myself when I was 19.

Three years ago I found out about crypto art, NFTs, crypto and DAOs. Little bit later I discovered Nouns and did join SharkDAO.

I found out about the most famous Crypto art artists such as xcopy, Tyler Hobbs, Dmitry Chernyak, digital art gallery by 6529 and many more.
I was in love with all of digital art space

The idea of DAO itself blowed my mind too. Now, I don’t think human race ready for DAO technology yet. For some reason I don’t think DAO can be used for 100% of it’s usefulness in our current capitalist society.

2021-2023 I went to NFT Miami, NFT nyc and local crypto events. I’ve met many people and discovered many project people built. It was really fun and inspiring to see everyone building their own projects and communities

It was wonderful to feel and meet new people around that share your vision. I thankful to everyone it was amazing experience.

~ ~

All my life before US I played competitive online Moba game Dota 2, and I wanted to build career as cyber sport player. I was top 50 player in Europe region

I also was graduated in Belarus as economist

Year after my graduation I won green card lottery and moved to US
After moving to US eventually I gave Gaming up because I couldn't sit at home and spend 8-12 hours only on games like I did in Belarus. I went work as a mover, waiter, prep cook etc.

I raised capital and at that time I lived in Florida.
I started to learn about crypto. My few buys were pump and dump projects. 

I still remember profile description of this guy from whom I bought my very first NFT for 0.3 eth, it says: "I don't know what am doing and what's going on"

I did learn about everything by myself and I never thought to join communities. It was my mistake to not talk to people, to not learn from other people. To not be open to people and world in general :) 

I spent some time trading NFTs going to crypto events etc. at one moment one of my friends called me to buy stepN and we bought it for 20k total. Later It went to 0

Eventually I understood that I want to build something useful, something that will make peoples life better, bring more events and joy to their lives, bring more light and fun! Also, during war in Ukraine there were many people from our countries 

And I went to NYc to start my own stage 1: Party project for people from CIS (Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian people, Kazakhstan etc.) 
We did after party for Morgenstern concert in NYc and It felt amazing! I didn't make money from it but still it was just great experience
I created organic community with more than 250 people inside but couldn't monetize it much at that time 

After that I have to come back to Florida, but one night random guy stole my phone right in front of me, I immediately bought new one
Same happened to my laptop in JFK airport.
And for some reason I thought this is started blackest line in my life, when I came back I found out that my ex cheated on my almost all the time I was in US 
I was depressed for a very long period of time.

Now I'm doing just great. I set up my goal and I never felt anything similar to this. It's just clear, I know my way and I know what I want to do, what to build, want to give.

I'm also Working with psychologist, working on my body my mind and spirit
I'm just happy to be myself 

That was my long story short. 
My ultimate 🥏 message to everyone is:
Love is everywhere
Be in present. Do not seek for answers why people do like this or like that
Let your emotions be, and do not hide them and live them 
Be conscious about everything you're doing 
Always compare Yourself with best version of Yourself 
Image your best version of yourself in your mind, keep this picture and evolve it 
Do your best

My links: 
2021 artworks:

2023 artworks



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Great to have you hear Antón!

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But let me know when you find out if this place is the right one to talk with the NounsDAO. Seems a little quiet…

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