My name is Mason Lynaugh and I am one of the co-founders of ATX DAO.

ATX DAO is the premier city DAO. We are a group of crypto enthusiasts and professionals who have united the Austin crypto community, fostered web3 innovation in Austin, and worked with the state and local government to craft sensible crypto policy.

We’ve done a mural in the heart of the city and turned it into an NFT that benefits an art charity.

We’ve filed a bill with the Texas Legislature to recognize DAOs as legal entities in Texas and serve as advisors to the government.

We throw massive events every time a conference comes to town such as SXSW and Consensus.

We organized the first web3 pitch competition in Austin to foster local innovation (73 applicants!)

We are a membership-based DAO that has grown to 150 members with three rounds of cohorts. Each cohort underwent an application process and those who were accepted purchased a membership NFT. Funds from these NFT sales went to the treasury and each NFT equals one vote on how to utilize the treasury. Below is an example of one of our membership NFTs.

It’s been almost a year since our last membership round and demand is building. A few members in our community are huge Nouns enthusiasts and thought that it could be interesting to find some way to partner in our upcoming membership round. It would be a pleasure to help proliferate Nouns in Austin.

One of our members has even begun sketching some ideas for how our next round of membership NFTs could incorporate Nouns branding.

Does anyone here think this would be a fun collaboration?



ATX DAO in the house!!! What’s up Mason lol


gm frens, I’m one of the nouns enthusiasts in ATX DAO, and personally think ATX Nouns would be extremely nounish.

Not only are the tools, brand, and ecosystem that Nouns cultivates an excellent fit for ATX DAO’s needs, but I cannot imagine a better community than ATX DAO to spread Nouns throughout the weird city of Austin, the great state of Texas, and beyond.

Currently we’re in the process of creating the artwork. brainstorming what the optimal ATX Nouns fork would look like, and preparing a proposal to ATX DAO to get final feedback from the community and ratify the migration.

Through this process, we came up with a novel method of dynamically adjusting the auction duration based on the sale price and duration of the previous auction. When the sale price closes above the target, that shows that demand is high, and the duration of the next auction is decreased. On the flip side, if the sale price closes below target, demand is low, and the duration of the next auction is increased.

We’re still exploring this model, but have received encouraging feedback so far, and I’m personally pretty excited about the possibility of ATX Nouns developing and piloting this experiment. If all goes well, it would offer a new option that could open the doors for new types of nouns forks that we haven’t even imagined.

There’s more info in this proposal, and I would love to hear any/all feedback from Nouners!


Yes, I think it would be a cool collaboration indeed. Decentralize Texas

The dinamic mechanism is crazy interesting and I would love to see how it would develop in time.

Also bridging the Daos and cities is mindblowing and I think we all wanna see how far this can go.


Howdy frens,

I wanted to drop a quick note here and update the Nouns community on our progress to Make ATX DAO Nounish and subsequently, turn Austin into a Nouns city.

In August, we passed a proposal on Snapshot to fund development of a nouns-style membership process. You may read the executed proposal here.. It passed unanimously.

We have deployed a test member portal where you can bid on ATX DAO memberships (ATX Nouns). You may play with the website here.

And we are working with the community to determine some final decisions such as floor price, target price, etc.

As development continues, the next step for our DAO is to prepare some materials to shop around to Nouns and gauge interest in funding ATX DAO as we make ourselves Nounish. Stay tuned and if you are a fan of what we are building, please let me know.

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