Atrium X Nouns - A Lore Experiment

Hey David,

Thank you for asking.

We created a generalised body anatomy for the sake of this proposal scope (and budget) since it’s a tall task to create unique physiology for all 8 (nouns) + 2 lils picked. We definitely intend to expand on body types as well as unique physical appearances in the follow-up larger props as and when we get there.

However, idea is to give them life via the unique quirks they do exhibit through out the course of the short’s scripted journey.

Please join and check out the BTS more in details (all nouners welcome)

Yes. .fbx is possible :slight_smile: We are using Maya internally instead of blender .
Not sure how soon you need it as they may be available sometime in feb.

everyone at once

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A few more shots coming in

Some more scenes coming up

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thank you for sharing supriyo, all of these images look awesome, cant wait to see the final video!