ATENEA.WTF: Shape Your Own Governance Experience

Presenting Atenea:

What is Atenea? is the go-to customizable governance client for Nouns DAO members. It adapts to the evolving narrative of community-led efforts within Nouns DAO, offering a dynamic platform for Noun holders to personalize their governance journey.

Why Atenea?

Atenea is more than a governance client—it’s a canvas for Nouners to craft their governance masterpiece. It’s about turning governance from a duty into an experience. Shape your governance. Shape your world. Make it Nounish.

Our Journey for the Past 4 Months

Some months back, navigating on-chain proposals seemed complex. We saw each DAO member needing a unique solution due to the decentralized and varied nature of our system. So, we aimed for a solution offering freedom—a system to explore governance without limits. With a clear vision, we began to color our sketch.

-Fun and Creativity: We built a widget system for customization. Like a canvas to an artist, Atenea aims to spark curiosity in Nouns governance.

  • Agility: We designed all elements to be flexible and self-adjustable, aiming for a smooth user experience.

    -Informative: We created a database to include all necessary information for a Nouner, avoiding the loss of crucial data. Atenea, named after a Greek goddess symbolizing wisdom, reflects our mission for an informed community.

    -Useful and Analytical: Atenea aims to provide insights from social to economic aspects within DAO, all easily accessible, valuing Nouners’ time while enhancing their experience.

Current Widgets from Atenea

We have spent most of our time building the structure of the Atenea, live saving, sharable clients, remix clients, accounts, etc. Even so, we have created 15 widgets with which you can explore governance starting today:

What Makes Atenea Unique?

The ‘network effect’ within Nouns is special—it’s about many joining forces for something larger. We envisioned an open system where any coder could create widgets, with imagination being the only limit. This collective effort will birth something unique.

Atenea removes the entry barriers to client development to make Nouns governance more exciting. Choose which part of the governance you want to improve and we will make it as easy as possible for you.



Roll out features like bidding, making proposals, candidate function, assimilating, and proposal voting.

  • Integration of external data sources, such as, would require the development of API connectors or data import tools. This ensures that Atenea keeps up to date with information from these data sources.

  • Implementing interaction with smart contracts would involve creating and designing the user experience (UX) for interacting with them, with a strong focus on maximum security.

  • The proposal creation system is currently our top priority. It allows users to create proposals directly from Atenea, including all necessary data such as category, budget, roadmap or team, all accessible through Atenea widgets. In addition, all the information in these proposals would be accessible through the API for anyone to use.


  • Optimize data processing and improve the open-source widget creation system.

  • Atenea will only make sense if it works in public, so articles (for propdates) will be made announcing the progress (2 times a month) and a monthly video talking about the most important aspects in which progress has been made in the period.


Josep: Product, UI and Community.

I’m a senior student majoring in mathematics and business with a strong passion for product development. I have four years of experience as a freelance UI designer and have served as a product and interface lead for an Ed-Tech software connected to my university. Additionally, I’ve been actively engaged with the DAO for over a year and have been an active contributor and member of Nouns Amigos.

I have found in Nouns people who want to live without setting limits for themselves and, more importantly, put their work where their ambition is. After more than a year, this is my formal proposal to continue dedicating all my time to helping more people see what I saw at the time.


Awate: UX and Data.

I’m a math student in Barcelona with a lifelong passion for building and creating. I’ve been coding since I was 11 years old, and this passion has driven me to continuously explore and develop my skills in the world of technology and innovation. I’ve also gained practical experience by working as a full-stack freelancer and, more recently, as a data consultant for businesses in the Barcelona area.



Total of 19.8 ETH for 4 Months

  • All maintenance costs: 4 ETH

  • Communication and Marketing: 1 ETH

  • Open Source Development Incentive: 1 ETH

  • Rewards for most-used boards and widgets: 1.8 ETH

2 Developers:

  • JOSEP: 1,5 ETH/month

  • AWATE: 1,5 ETH/month


We see Atenea as the platform that will democratize the creation of clients in Nouns. We provide the infrastructure to make it easy and enjoyable to create your own clients. Whether you are a user or a developer, Atenea is here to help you realize your vision and make Nouns governance truly unique.

We would like to know your thoughts about Atenea! :slight_smile: