“a GM a day for the next 100 days”


My name is Arash, I am a video game and animation creator. Here’s some of the work I have done:


What is “a GM a day for the next 100 days”?

The Challenge

My idea is to create a new GM animation every day specifically for the Nouns that have been minted on that day’s auction, in order to make the auction livelier. By making a daily contribution, we can improve the quality of our service and encourage more engagement within the auction.

You want to make your GM nounish, but you realize there aren’t enough nounish GM GIFs. The fantastic ones are on Discord, but not particularly on Twitter.

What if:

  • you can find a nounish GM GIF on Twitter? or even gift it to someone?
  • there was a dedicated Twitter account pushing out nounish GM GIFs daily for a 100 days straight?


A Solution

I want to experiment with the idea of “a GM a day for the next 100 days”. Here is how I see it playing out.

  • I create 100 nounish GM content
    • 99 GM GIFs
      • with characters containing different traits (body, head, noggle, etc) of notable Nouners
    • 1 GM video
      • the GM video will represent the whole collection and all nouns. The video will be Open Edition mint with primary sale split between Nouns / Lil Nouns. (suggestion: split revenue between Nouns and Lil Nouns, I get secondary royalties instead).
  • A new Twitter account will be created and all the GIFs will be Tweeted from this account.
    • 1 new GM GIF, everyday, for 99 days. No GIF will be revealed until it is posted.
    • Nouners can DM to query for a GM GIF.




I love your work, its truly amazing… would it be possible to start with maybe a smaller pilot run of say 30 days … test the engagement and then compile a report to show increased engagement and brand awareness from the 30, then follow up with the 100 day challenge … that would be my only feedback - otherwise as I said, Im a huge fan of your work :heart_eyes:


also a huge fan of all the work you’ve done for Lil’s! good luck my fren


good idea. but i am wondering how feasible it is on Arash’s side.

@Arash - is it more cost and time efficient for the DAO if you worked on all 100 of them at once or…?

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This was the first Nounish GM I built!

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This is Dope af! I love the way you keep up building art. smooth, cute, and continuously

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awesome. everyday one GM is a good idea.

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how could u guys be so smart!!

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Today I will test this idea, about Noun 667!


Wuuuuuut a Great Idea Ser , Love To See it In Future More I follow your Work and I wish to have a noun some day to vote Great Projects like this… Appreciate your Work Dude :star_struck:

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