A Documentary movie about the war in Ukraine

Hi, I’m an independent filmmaker who is creating documentary series about war zones and what is really happening there because the mass media is biased and full of propaganda.

Last year, when the war started in Ukraine, I went there in the second week and started to shoot a documentary movie called Russian Invasion of Ukraine: What’s Next? with the help of my collectors. We managed to stay 20 days there and shoot many interviews and capture important moments during the war. But because of the lack of funds and restrictions we couldn’t been able to finish the documentary.

You can watch the first 7 minutes of the documentary from this link on youtube: RIU_WN001_04RoughCut - YouTube

We already have 200 hours of raw footage and actually we can make a 90 minute documentary with it but I want is not to create just a documentary but instead to show the both sides of the war. And to achieve this goal, my wish is to go also in the occupied parts of Ukraine. We need at least 8 eth to achieve this goal. I want nouns to be a part of this historical documentary as a producer and to show the world what web3 people is capable of.