100K Free Glasses For Kids v3

Free Glasses For Kids v3

By Jawshua Fisher & Fitz Frames


Nouns, a visionary ethereum experiment, can change the lives of 100,000 Kids in the most authentic way possible by providing them with vision screenings, exams, and glasses all free of charge. Nouns can literally give vision to children!

Recap: Prop 12: Nouns x Fitz Frames Free Glasses For Kids v2:

Nouns x Fitz Free Glasses For Kids v2 was a huge success. We were able to visit 3 schools, complete 355 eye exams and dispense subscriptions for 285 kids in need, delivering a total of 391 custom fitted 3D printed Fitz Frames glasses to date.

We spent a significant effort developing Noun Frames which inspired other builders and led the way for FUN Frames and Fashion Frames to move into development.

Highlights & Updates: Discord

Nouns x Fitz Frames FGFK v3:

We want to do this again, but this time let’s do more!

Continuing our partnership with Fitz Frames & partnering with Vision to Learn we want to cover 100,000 Kids across America.

Vision To Learn is a trusted provider of eye care for kids in need. They successfully delivered over 80K Glasses in 2021 and this year they are on pace to deliver 100K Glasses. Using mobile vision clinics – optometric exam lanes on wheels – Vision To Learn goes on site to schools helping every student in need get an eye exam from a licensed optometrist plus a new pair of prescription glasses all free of charge.

Learn More: https://visiontolearn.org

NounsDAO can be a Nationwide Sponsor for this program, along with MetLife. This feels like a good group to be in: https://visiontolearn.org/supporters/

In v3 the Nouns X Fitz Frames Prescription Subscription, which provides free glasses for kids if they lose them, break them, grow out of them or just desires a new pair because their style changed, will be expanded to 12K kids. Using a propriatery in-app measurement and delivery system Fitz Frames removes the need for in-person fittings and shapings that require specialized equipment and gets the perfect custom fit 3D printed glasses for kids individual face shape and personal style. Our goal is to keep kids in glasses that fit and they’re proud to wear, even as they change throughout the year.

Expanding the scale of this program will get us one step closer to our moon shot of creating a system where individual doctors around the world can plug in to and get free glasses for kids in need through the Nouns X Fitz Frames Prescription Subscription program.

For 2M, ~1,200 ETH we can make all of this happen!


PHASE 1: (May-July 2022): Fund 50% of proposed allocation

  • Sign contract with Vision To Learn for 2022-23 school year
  • Announce support of the program through media channels
  • Choose Nouns to be displayed on Vision To Learn vehicles

PHASE 2 (July 2022 -December 2023): Fund second 50% of proposed allocation

  • Vision To Learn will provide 58,000 eye exams to students across the country. Approximately 85% of these students will be prescribed and provided prescription eyeglasses. Fitz Frames will provide 6000 Prescription Subscriptions.
  • At least 4 regional events recognizing the NounsDAO contribution will be held during this semester

PHASE 3 (January – June 2023)

  • Vision To Learn will provide 58,000 eye exams to students across the country. Approximately 85% of these students will be prescribed and provided prescription eyeglasses. Fitz Frames will provide 6000 Prescription Subscriptions.
  • At least 4 regional events recognizing the NounsDAO contribution will be held during this semester

Additional Opportunities

Press Opportunites

  • Between testing, fullfillment and event there are many opportunities for great press.
  • Both Fitz & Vision to Learn have great press contacts that have been activly following them. Both believe this could be a breakout press moment for both them and Nouns.

Branding on Fitz Frame Glasses

  • For the Nouns X Fitz Frams Prescription Subscription glasses we can include Nouns logo on the temples or even a Noun itself.
  • Could possibly upgrade to letting kids pick the noun they want.

Branding on Mobile Vision Clinic

  • Vision To Learn has 32 Sprinter van-based mobile clinics in the field daily in 13 states and the District of Columbia. Each of these clinics would be decorated with Nouns icons both outside and inside.
  • These Nouns DAO mobile clinics will drive around major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Baltimore, Detroit, and Charleston as well as rural communities in Ohio, Iowa, Western Michigan, and Western PA, catching eyes at schools and on roadways.

Recognition at Vision to Learn events

  • Vision To Lean holds media events throughout the years where kids at school try on their glasses for the first time. Television and print news frequently cover these events as evidenced in Prop 12.
  • Nouns DAO branding would be included on signage at each of these events, and Nouns DAO support would be recognized in remarks and statements to media
  • Nouns DAO members are always welcome to attend these heartwarming events and help kids try on their new glasses in person

FGFK v3 Nounish Gift Packs for Kids

  • Nouns Gift Packs that can include mutually approved items such as FUN Frames, stickers, coloring books, keychain, and more.
  • Bigshot Toy Works has commmitted to helping find the right package and offered fullfillment.
  • Vision to Learn has confirmed they can recieve bulk packages and can provide distribution at the screenings.


NounsDAO Grant Proposal

By Joshua Fisher & Fitz Frames
In celebration of the fact that every Noun is a glasses wearer, Fitz Frames would like to propose a perpetual funding allocation to deliver prescription eyeglasses to children in need.

Fitz Frames in partnership with Vision to Learn (as well as additional outreach partners) can deliver a no-cost eye exam plus an annual membership to Fitz Frames for children in need. A Fitz Frames membership includes two complete pairs of prescription eyeglasses with unlimited replacement frames should they lose, break, grow out of the glasses, or their prescription changes.

In addition to their Fitz Frames Membership each child will receive an additional free pair of Noun Frames, glasses that mimic the pair worn by their favorite Noun.

As an initial pilot program, we propose Nouns DAO allocate 9ETH (~$30,000 worth of ETH) to provide glasses to approximately 300 kids (aprox $100) per child. This will be done with in conjunction with our outreach partner Vision to Learn in an initial focus geography (probably Ohio and/or Detroit). Progress reports will be given to NounsDAO on an ongoing basis, but no less than once a quarter. The pilot program is expected to run approximately 90 days, but children will continue to receive replacement glasses for the full year as needed. The purpose of the pilot program is to validate and refine the offering and delivery process, with the goal of expanding the efforts nationwide and eventually internationally.

At the end of the initial pilot program, Fitz present the results of the program and will put to a vote either a continuation, expansion, or termination of the program.

Additionally, we request 2ETH in one-time funding to build outreach materials (print, animation, and website) directed towards schools to explain the program, Nouns, Fitz, and the underlying technology of blockchain, NFTs, and additive manufacturing.

Fitz would like to eventually build to a perpetual funding mechanism in order to expand our existing social good efforts and deliver eyewear on an ongoing basis to kids in need. In the interim, we’d like to propose a pilot program to prove out the model and refine delivery mechanism:

$30K allocation from Nouns treasury to provide approximately 300 no-cost vision tests plus Fitz Frames memberships to kids in need, initially in a limited geographical focus area.

Fitz will provide annual memberships at cost of $100)/kid/year discounted from $185. Annual Membership consists of two pairs of custom fit glasses plus unliminted replacements.

Fitz will provide an additional free pair of Noun Frames, mimicking their favorite Nouns, limited to an initial selection of 10 Noun options for the Pilot Program.

Vision to Learn, will identify recipients and provide no-cost eye exams within the geographical focus area. Initial prospects are Ohio and Detroit.

Initial Pilot Program is expected to run approximately 90 days, at which point Fitz will present a report of progress to the NounsDAO.
At that point the NounsDAO can vote to expand, continue, or suspend the pilot program.

Based on findings from the initial Pilot Program, elements can be refined including: delivery mechanism, offering, and outreach. Additionally, Fitz Frames will work to try and secure additional underwriting in order to extend the reach of the program. (possibly through Medicaid reimbursement, or local philanthropic partners)

In order to promote the program (and help surface Nouns to a wider public awareness) we propose dedicating an additional 2ETH to develop outreach materials including print, short form animation, and a dedicated website. This will target schools, the student recipients of glasses, and broader public. In addition to promotion of the program, this is an opportunity to introduce the technology elements underpinning both Nouns and Fitz Frames, and develop age-appropriate STEM curriculum for the kids who receive the glasses.

Nouns is a fantastic example of people leveraging technology to come together and build long-term value in perpetuity. Fitz leverages the power of technology to change the lives of kids. We think this is a natural partnership that would not only do a tremendous amount of good, but could serve as tangible application of blockchain doing tangible good. At Fitz, we believe that those who can see the world are the ones who can change the world. NounsDAO embodies this ethos completely, and we couldn’t imagine a better partner.

Noun Frames
Fitz will integrate Nouns Frames into their application so that users can pick their favorite Noun and receive glasses that mimic those frames as well as have the Noun itself printed on the side of the frames as well as the Noun number printed on the inside.

About Fitz:
Fitz Frames: https://www.fitzframes.com/
Fitz for Good - how Fitz has worked with VTL to provide glasses for kids in the past:
Fitz/EOS School Field Trip on Vimeo
How Fitz has worked with Healthcare community to provide protective prescription eyewear to drs and nurses across the country - Local Hero NYC Glasses Maker Provides PPE For Frontline Doctors
Fitz in the Press - How we came to be and why we matter to kids - Startup offers affordable eyeglasses for kids that 'flatter little faces' - ABC News

About Vision 2 Learn:


Good feedback from Nounders call re: splitting 1) Funding of Glasses for Kids 2) Fun Pack.

I agree we should scrutinize both separately however think including the package is important.

If Nouns is responsible for helping create a happy moment and positive feedback loop around getting and wearing glasses for kids in need I think that’s the best case scenario.

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I will do anything and everything i can to make this work with glasses , toys, stickers or anything else you need. I think this project is by far the most NOUNish and best represents what being NOUNish is all about.

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i love this idea, it feels very nounish.

i would support doing just the glasses proposal by itself initially given the cost. the glasses will have a life changing and long lasting impact on all aspect of the kids lives. i’m not sure we can say the same for a bag of toys/goodies and wouldn’t expect the cost for both to be same unless we were putting something truly worthy of that spend into the packages.


Thanks for the feedback. Updated the Prop and added the gift packs to the additional opportunity section.


I really love the initiative here and glad I could jump on the call in the discord general voice today!

The impact this will have is immense, no doubt.

Is there a budget breakdown somewhere that I’m missing?

Being that this is all about vision and glasses, I think it’s an amazing opportunity and a win/win/win situation which I think is important.

  • Kids get free glasses and are able to see better.
  • Nouns gets the iconic look out there amongst the next generation in a meaningful way.
  • The team achieves their goals.

A potentially iconic way to proliferate the meme in a kind hearted and meaningful way.

I love the success so far.

This is such an incredible proposal. I love the pilot idea of starting with $30k seeing how that plays out. It seems like a great opportunity for everyone involved.

I’d be interested in the breakdown of the $2m.

Since $2m is a significant amount. Opening up options to providing a portion of the 100k kids glasses, maybe not all 100k. For discussion purposes.

Thanks for providing this awesome proposal to the nouns community !

Thanks Benbodhi and Serpunk for joining the call today.

There isn’t a budget breakdown per se. We’re broadly supporting Vision To Learn on their mission to support 100K kids this year plus including 12K Nouns X Fitz Subscriptions which cost roughly 100/each (which is a discounted rate per the trial of this program). For clarity, our partnership with Vision To Learn does not allow all 100K kids to get custom fit 3D manufactured glasses for a variety of reasons based on local rules and regulations, timing and more.

Serpunk, we ran the trial last year for 30K and it was a huge success. We were able to fund the project and got back great results. Now we’re looking to expand the program and really get to work.


Thanks for jumping on the call earlier today.

Below is a rough breakdown of the budget. The overarching strategic goal is to achieve both scale and impact. Scale via Vision to Learn, and impact through Fitz’s innovative 3D printed glasses.

  • $2m split evenly: half to Vision to Learn and half to Fitz.
  • Vision to Learn provides screenings and exams to 100k kids
  • Fitz provides 12k of those kids with an annual subscription for custom-fit 3D printed glasses. (unlimited replacements if they lose/break their glasses or get a new Rx.) Normally $185/person + $40/pair.
  • Remainder of the kids get conventional glasses (and a replacement pair if necessary.)

Vision to Learn is an organization with national reach who will be able to a) reach a lot of kids and b) provide a great platform to get the word out about Nouns. Fitz is smaller organization, but in many ways this acts like a challenge grant: it will allow us to scale up production and lower costs over time so that we’ll be able to get 3D printed glasses out to more kids. Moreover, it’s helping to build an exportable model for delivering glasses at scale that can be expanded beyond the current footprint of Vision to Learn, hopefully internationally.


I like the vision!

Thank you for sharing this breakdown, it’s a bit clearer no when reading over everything.

Best of luck!

Thank you for taking the time to break it down for me . That makes total sense to me. The way it seems , if Fitz improves , nouns & nouns glasses reap rewards too. Plus the kids win. love it. Best of luck and we are rooting for you !

Thank you for taking the time to break it down for me . That makes total sense to me. The way it seems , if Fitz improves , nouns & nouns glasses reap rewards too. Plus the kids win. love it. Best of luck.

Hi all,
Wanted to send this article along - much of the same info as the one I posted earlier, with some additional relevant material on the difficulty of keeping kids in glasses.

From the article:
Another issue is that Medicaid and private insurance usually cover one pair of glasses every year or two, which King said isn’t ideal for growing and clumsy kids.

“School nurses are experts at glasses repair,” King said. “Often, we need to put in a new nosepiece or put in a new screw, or get them fixed because a classmate sat on them.”

Fitz solves for these issues amazingly well due to our app and 3D printing tech. Our ability to meet the needs of kids wearing the glasses and for school nurses, parents, etc. to replace them really sets us apart from other optical providers.


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THIS is the type of opportunity we need to be looking for IMO. Ultimately, I feel that Nouns has to be known for more than just being Nouns. I personally would like people to know them for being good. Even if we don’t do the full amount, an expansion over last year seems to definitely be a worthwhile investment.

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I don’t want to be a bad guy here but 1,200 ETH is a huge ask. It feels a bit sketchy to me… The funding for the v2 proposal was 11 ETH. Now, you are asking 100 times more ETH for v3. Is there any reason for donating 2M now? Why not reduce donation to 200 ETH in v3? I am sure DAO would support this project in the future as well…

again, I don’t want to be a bad guy here

@joshuafisher How is the team thinking about this proposal at the moment? It’s unfortunate but ETH prices have crashed with the broader market. $2M is now 2,000+ ETH (up from 1,200 ETH when you wrote up this proposal last month). While I’m generally on the side of pushing the DAO to spend more and take big bets, I do think the current market condition warrants us being more prudent of large dollar denominated liabilities.

Is there a version of this proposal that the team might think could work at a smaller scale? For example, would it make sense to let go of the Vision to Learn nationwide sponsorship part ($1M) and scale down the Fitz Frames partnership from 12K to 3K ($1M → $300k)? It would still represent a 10x in scale (300 glasses to 3000) from the previous pilot and would be growing the more differentiated partnership with Fitz. ~$300k budget size would be something that I would wholeheartedly support.


agree with this. great idea, but i’d be in favor of starting medium vs massive right now. $300k USD seems about right.

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i think this is a great compromise


Thank you for this note. I’m glad to see that the two sides of this proposal were clear and think this is a compromise that makes sense. I’ve discussed with Fitz Frames and they’re ok to move forward.

In addition I’ve been speaking with Sergul from Sight For All United, who we partnered with on the pilot and she’s in the process of partnering with VTL on a creating a Vision Van. She’s looking for 250K for her program and wants to create the most high tech van in the county. She’s seen Nouns first hand and is open to collaborating with us to make the Van totally Nounish.

Let’s go crazy!

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